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  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Forum Www Sapphic
    Peaches, Luka, and Liz are fooling around in their nighties and an orgy breaks out between them. Peaches fucks Luka and then Liz using a strapon, and then Luka puts on a strapon and she fucks Liz in the ass. Liz didn't like doing the DP with the strapons, so I told her not to try to do it in the video.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Sapphic Love Com
    Candice (blonde) and Stella kiss passionately and make sweet love.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Sapphic Erotics Sample Mpeg
    This is the video that they made after the pictures. Unfortunately, they forgot to do the tribing in the video. The photographer said he had to help them along with the script because they were too turned on and forgot to move on to the next thing. I edited the directions out.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Maria And Andrea Lesbian Movies
    Anne approaches Ching as she lies on the sofa. They fondle each other and Ching plays with Anne's pussy lips. Then Anne puts on a green strapon and fucks Ching, both doggie style and cowgirl.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Saphic Kiss Pictures
    We think this is the best one. Lola is really having fun now.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Sapphic Kimberly Free Movie
    Still no wind. Good thing they brough their double dildo. They take it all the way in, so far that their pussies are almost touching.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Bridget And Darlene From Sapphic Erotica
    Daria and Stella undress each other and finger fuck each other and eat each others' pussies. There's a little more kissing in the video than in the pictures.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Sapphicerotica Pics
    Wendy (blonde) and Jess have sex all over Jess's room. They finger each other and Wendy licks Jess's pussy.

  • Aubrie Bridget Sapphic Erotica Sapphic Erotica Sample Video Free
    This is the video we made after the pictures. It was my first attempt at shooting hardcore, and my first attempt at handholding the camera. Plus I had a problem with the lights going out. The girls did great. I shot some of the parts very well too, I think. The files are rather large. I experimented with higher res at 15 fps, and also lower res with more compression, but it looked best to me at 352x264 30 fps, which I used. It's a big tradeoff. How to make it good without burdening everybody with enormous files.