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Saphic Video Download : Advril And Lux Sapphicerotica Com

Saphic Video Download

Latest Video Galleries

We have converted the FHGs to use h.264 mp4 for Flash instead of flv. Also, the galleries now play the flash in an overlay in the window instead of in a popup window.

  • Saphic Video Download Sapphic Erotica Right Doing
    This is the video that they made after the pictures. The sound in part4 is kind of messed up (popping).

  • Saphic Video Download Saphic Erotica Kim
    Daria and and her blonde friend Sally are surfing porn together and get turned on. Daria kisses Sally passionately, and then she finger fucks her and eats her out. Then Sally finger fucks Daria and eats her too. Part 1 (Daria pleasing Sally) is especially good.

  • Saphic Video Download First Lesbeian
    This one is pretty soft, but the kissing and fingering is pretty good, and I find Thai girls hard to resist. It's the closest thing to being a good Asian lesbian series I've seen in a while. The focus is a bit off, which might have been intentional.

  • Saphic Video Download Sapphicerotica Com Juliet
    Camille (on the left) and Ariane are painting their loft when they get tired of work and want to have sex instead. They kiss and lick and finger fuck each other, and Camille uses a (hopefully clean) paintbrush on Ariane's pussy. Then they use a double dildo they happened to have laying around.

  • Saphic Video Download Sapphic Thumbs
    Roxanne is shooting Juliet and Angelique (blonde) and decides to join in the fun. They kiss passionately and finger and lick each others' pussies.

  • Saphic Video Download Kimberly Nicole Anna Saphic
    Daphne (dark hair) and Jo play "mercy" and Daphne wins. She takes her prize by kissing Jo deeply and sucking her nipples. Then they remove each others' shoes and suck each others' toes and then kiss some more and then Daphne goes down on Jo and finger fucks her and then they do 69. Then Jo sits on Daphne's face and Daphne licks her ass hole, and then Jo licks Daphne's pussy and ass hole from behind. Finally, they do a little tribbing and then they kiss some more.

  • Saphic Video Download Her First Time Lesbina Sex
    The photographer's good video camera broke and he had to borrow a cheaper one to shoot this. The colors didn't turn out that great, but I think the girls are stunning.

  • Saphic Video Download Sapphicerotica Laila
    There's a bunch of "acting" in part one, and part 4 is mostly toy use. Parts 2 and 3 are the best.

  • Saphic Video Download Sapphicerotica Simone
    Aubrie (white panties) and Arielle invite Chloe to join in their fun. They have sex using their fingers and tongues and kiss passionately.